Frostbiting is some of the best sailing that occurs in Northport Harbor.

The hearty sailors of the Centerport Yacht Club Frostbite Fleet spend their winters enjoy great winds, good company and hot soup by the fireplace after a brisk day on the water.

All CYC members are encouraged to come down to the Club to watch the action, participate in one of the club’s oldest activities, or assist in running the Frostbite races as a crash boat driver or a Race Committee member. Please contact CYC Frostbite Chairman Richard Rubel for more information.
CYC organizes weekly Frostbite races on Sundays from November through March, as well as the New Year’s Eve Regatta and the St. Patrick’s Day Regatta. Please see the Sailing Instructions for the schedule of this season's races.

Frostbite Racing

Frostbite Sailing Instructions
Please see the Frostbite Sailing Instructions above for the schedule dates for the following events.
The 2019/2020 Fall Series, New Year’s Eve Regatta, Spring Series and St. Patrick’s Day Regatta.
Frostbite Waiver

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Current CYC Frostbite Fleet classes include JY 15 and Laser. Should a fleet of four or more boats of a different class wish to participate, they can also be incorporated into the races.

JY-15 Fleet 104

Centerport's JY 15 Fleet #104 was established in 1996 when CYC bought four refurbished JY 15's from the manufacturer and made them available to a few stalwart souls to race off-season. A few other members bought boats, and Fleet #104 was born. The JY 15 has become the frostbite dinghy of choice due to the durability of the craft, as well as the speed and dexterity with which the skipper and crew must work together as a team.


The Laser is an Olympic class sailboat sailed competitively across the globe, and a relatively new class for Centerport Yacht Club. Competitive Laser sailing is governed by the International Laser Class Association (ILCA), and CYC falls within Laser District 8 in the North American Region. Lasers are not just for the young anymore...Laser Master's sailing (35+) is huge throughout the world and particularly in North America. If you have a Laser in your backyard, get out here and Frostbite!

Penguin Fleet 57

Frostbite sailboat racing officially began at Centerport Yacht Club with the granting of Penguin Fleet #57’s Charter in October of 1951. Frostbite racing, however, had been going on in the area in Penguins for quite some time prior to the Charter arrival. The Charter may be seen on the second floor of the clubhouse next to the season trophy, which was presented by Commodore Pearsall. This hotly contested trophy has some of the most respected names in sailing on the eastern seaboard in residence on the trophy. The Frostbite Committee enthusiastically encourages Fleet #57 members to dust off their Penguins and return these original CYC frostbiting boats to winter service.