The Star is the premier one-design racing keel boat in the world, and was specially designed to sail on the waters of Long Island Sound by Francis Sweisguth, a draftsman in William Gardner's Naval Architect office.

For 100 years, Star sailors have led the way in advancing the sport of competitive sailing, and have been honored by sailing in the Olympic Games since 1932. With over 2,200 members and fleets in 38 countries, International Star Class championship events are hosted at venues around the globe. Founding members of what was to become The Huntington Bay Star Fleet were competitively sailing in these local waters as part of the Southern Long Island Sound Fleet long before the Centerport Yacht Club came into existence. The Huntington Bay Star Fleet Charter was granted on January 12, 1949 and is currently displayed in the Binnacle Room at CYC.

The Tri-Club Yacht Racing Association, of which CYC is a member, organizes weekly Star races on Sundays during the sailing season, as well as the Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day regattas.

International Star Class Racing

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