Dock & Moorings

Centerport Yacht Club’s waterfront facilities come under the jurisdiction of the Waterfront Committee, and are managed by our Dockmaster, Mark Folger, who supervises the operation and maintenance of our docks, mooring field, Club-owned boats and all other waterfront facilities.


The use of floats at the north pier is permitted only for the purpose of taking on passengers or supplies and for disembarking. Boats shall not make fast to the floats for a period longer than 15 minutes or be left unattended on weekends and holidays. At no time will yachts be left overnight tied to the floats without prior approval of the Dockmaster.


CYC’s mooring field program provides members with discounted mooring contractor rates and allows the Club to ensure that our mooring field is accurate, equipment is of the same standard, and spacing is consistent. Mooring locations for member-owned boats are assigned each year upon application at the beginning of the season, based upon size and type of boat and member seniority.

2020 CYC Mooring Application 

Town of Huntington Mooring Permit Information

Town of Huntington Mooring Permit Application

2019 CYC Mooring Chart

For ease of Mooring Location Lookup, here's an Alpha List by last name of Mooring Locations

Our Dockmaster serves as the point person for all aspects of our mooring field program. Moorings will be set in mid-March by the contractors, and we request that you notify the Dockmaster when you vacate your mooring at the end of the season so that the contractors can then remove it.
  • For those who rent moorings, pennant lines will be attached prior to your arrival for the season by contacting the Dockmaster one week before your arrival.
  • For those who own moorings, please note that any maintenance on member-owned mooring equipment will not be paid through the Club, but will be directly billed to the member by the contractor.
  • For those who decide to opt out of the Club’s official mooring program and continue setting their own moorings, they will need to coordinate their efforts with our Dockmaster. Please note there are strict requirements on placement, as well as chain and pennant length. Failure to follow these requirements will result in the Club’s correction of the problem at the member’s expense.
Payment to the contractors for mooring rental and/or setting will be billed through the Club and will be reflected on your bill.

Centerport Yacht Club also maintains Destination Moorings in Lloyd Harbor, Sand City and Conscience Bay, Port Jefferson, for use by Club members only.

Boat Parking Area, Hoist and Ramp

Member-owned small power and sail boats may be stored in the boat parking area upon approval of an application for a parking space, which must be filed at the beginning of each season. The small-boat hoist launching facility and ramp are for the use of club members only. A member may request, in writing, permission for one guest to use the facility once per season. Sanctioned regattas and CYC-sponsored events are permitted use of the facilities for the duration of the event.

Junior Sailors do not need to fill out the Boat Parking and Locker Application any longer.  Junior Sailing requests for boat parking and lockers are being handled through the Junior Sailing registration process.  

All members who are assigned a parking spot need to pick up a sticker in the Dockmaster's office.  Any members who leave boats in unassigned spots are subject to a penalty.

Boat Parking & Locker Application
(If you have multiple boats, please submit a form for each named boat.)

2019 Boat Parking Grid - North Lot
2019 Boat Parking Grid - South Lot
2019 Locker Assignments